(NB!#23 Jan 95)

Calling partisans of all nations -- Writer William Burroughs captured by The Powers -- Nike spokesman onscreen talking -- "Technology should not confuse the mind but should serve the body" -- Are we going to stand still for a routine such as this? -- Traitor to all souls everywhere -- Serve the body?! -- So-called technology even a fucking pair of sneakers should free the mind from the body -- We are here to go not be "served" you dumb hick -- Not confuse the mind?! -- The Powers want us clear and just so clear enough to choose from a selection of paltry dry goods but not so clear we see through -- Shift linguals -- Cut word lines -- Vibrate tourists -- Disorder the senses Rimbaud -- Writer captured must be -- Got to him at -- "The reality film has now become an instrument and weapon of control -- The full weight of the film is directed against anyone who calls the film into question with particular attention to writers and artists -- Work for the reality studio or else -- Or else you will find out how it feels to be outside the film -- You will readily understand why people will go to any length to get in the film to cover themselves with any old film scrap -- Anything to avoid the hopeless dead-end horror of being just who and where you all are: dying animals on a doomed planet" -- quoted from The Ticket That Exploded, Evergreen paperback 1987 page 151 -- Irony of tipping his hat at the -- "Just an old show man is all" -- Either he accepts a Rewrite job or he is condemned to live eternally in the conditions imposed on this copy planet by The Powers -- Too valuable to leave in enemy hands -- Too useful as a trophy --



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