Crash the Parties!

(#26, 1996)

We wish to publicly announce the opening of a UNABOMBER FOR PRESIDENT office here in New York City, and the beginning of our grassroots campaign to convince registered voters to write the name Unabomber in on their ballots in the presidential election to be held November 5, 1996.

We firmly believe that voting Unabomber is the only alternative in a "contest" that excites, impassions or energizes exactly no one, neither the supporters nor the opponents of Democratic incumbent Shill Clinton, Republican candidate Glob Dole or Reform Party candidate Dross Perot.

We are confident that others will immediately grasp the humor, irony and appropriateness of casting an absurd protest vote -- in a "grid-locked" election -- for a decidedly non-commercial and yet widely-published author of a long and sober theoretical text about industrial society, who is also being held without bail on charges of sending explosive devices through the mail.

We realize that the Unabomber would certainly refuse to serve if elected President of the United States, just as we realize that many will consider the UNABOMBER FOR PRESIDENT campaign to be no more than a joke in bad taste. But these considerations should not dissuade us.

We must have discussion of real issues, we must have passion, we must have life in our political life!

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