from Guy Debord

To the journal Les Levres nues
Tuesday, 17 January 1956
Dear friends:

Here are the addresses[1] that I can provide:[2]

Hotel Lutetia[3] (it is useless to specify the town and arrondissement).

Henri Lefebvre.[4]

There are two entries for G[eorges] Bataille in the phone book. Send copies to both. If there’s one invitation too many, the dissatisfaction will not be great.

No [Roger] Callois or [Paul] Aron listed seem to be the right ones.

In addition, invitations – in my opinion – should be sent to:

Edouard Roditi.[5]

The editor in chief of the French Press Agency.

And perhaps also to:

Noel Arnaud.[6]


We have surely noted, as have you, Combat, Le Monde and France-Observateur.

A little later I’ll send the short list of addresses to which to send your questionnaire[7] because we must first concentrate on its composition.

I have heard that the Salon des Indépendants also has an admissions board. We will find out more precise information.

Thank you again for your collection. Please accept our most cordial salutations, and transmit them to [Paul] Nougé.

G.-E. Debord

[1] Addresses of people to whom to send a false invitation to a celebration of the 60th birthday of André Breton (cf. Potlatch #26, 7 May 1956: “Modest preface to the last surrealist journal”).

[2] Translator: we deleted the street addresses.

[3] Translator: an address long associated with modern artists and surrealism, in particular.

[4] Translator: this is the first reference to Lefebvre that we’ve encountered in Debord’s letters. Later, beginning in 1960, the two men would become close.

[5] Translator: a surrealist author (1910-1992).

[6] Translator: Raymond Valentin Muller (1919-2003).

[7] “What is your goal in life? . . . and what are you doing to reach it?” Results published in issues 10-11-12 of Les Levres nues.

(Published in Guy Debord Correspondance, Vol "0": Septembre 1951 - Juillet 1957: Complete des "lettres retrouvees" et d l'index general des noms cites by Librairie Artheme Fayard, October 2010. Translated from the French by NOT BORED! March 2011. Footnotes by the publisher, except where noted.)

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