from Guy Debord

To [Heimrad] Prem
26 July 1960
Dear Prem:

I have noted your new address and I have sent the documents to it.

I have no knowledge of a letter from [Erwin] Eisch, but, in any case, the exclusion of Pinot [Gallizio] was decided by a meeting held in Brussels, at the beginning of June, which represented the opinion of a very large majority of the situationists.

Pinot is more and more publically tied to people who are our enemies (in Torino and Paris). He has been taken to task by the S[ituationist] I[nternational] twice, but has not borne this in mind. Pinot himself knows that his case is so indefensible that he has not protested our decision. On the contrary, he has been thankful that we permitted him to leave without polemic (and we have published his monograph despite his exclusion). If today he wants to start a polemic, we have all the means and arguments to make the thing regrettable for him and his defenders.

On the other hand, I understand that [Erwin] Eisch is no longer with the Spur group.

At this moment, you are the only representatives of the SI in Germany and, if Eisch has been separated from you, he can no longer be counted as a situationist; and the SI is no longer interested in him. We collectively have confidence in you to decide who can participate in the German section of our action.

I hope that you will be among the "German delegation" at the conference in London.

Quite cordially to you, and to [Hans-Peter] Zimmer, [Helmut] Sturm and [Lothar] Fischer
G.-E. Debord

(Published in Guy Debord, Correspondance, Volume 1, 1957-1960. Translated from the French by NOT BORED! May 2005.)

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