from Guy Debord

To Alexander Trocchi
February 1963

Notes on England.

1. It is absolutely necessary that the theoretic accumulation published in the last four years, principally in French, be accessible in the short term to all those in England and the United States who would be associated with our action. Lacking it [translation into English], these people will never admit the capacity or authority of the center that we represent. Thus, we experience an immense loss of time, and many troubles and contestations that might be avoided, and -- at the same time -- we lack a general base for the qualities of these [potential] associates.

Thus, it is necessary to arrange very quickly:

a) the publication of an English journal, edited by Alex [Trocchi], on the minimum model of [J.V. Martin's] Situationistisk Revolution. It is necessary to anticipate the translation [into English] of articles already translated into Danish in S.R. #1, plus the first two editorial notes in I[nternationale] S[ituationniste] #7 and the first two editorial notes in I.S. #8[; and]

b) the publication of a theoretical book, by an English or American publisher. This would be done on the basis of the translation of a collection of articles that are more complete and better worked (revised) than project "a."

2. Perhaps Alex can judge, in the current period, the utility of emphasizing or attenuating the role of the existing organization of the SI (the C[entral] C[ouncil] established at the Antwerp Conference) in discussions with potential associates in the "Atlantic Region." It is definite that, sooner or later, these associates will discover the full extent of the SI (its project and its exigencies). They would then want, without doubt a little too quickly, to proclaim themselves situationists and speak in the name of the SI. It will be very necessary to immediately measure the consequences of the fact that admission to the SI (admission of equality as situationists) can only be made by a vote of the 8 current members of the C.C., according to the modalities expressed by the document of the Antwerp conference on the organization of the SI.

Our basic programme is entirely undiscussable if one truly wants to engage in communal action with the current situationist team.

3. All of our present and future associates must accept the "black list" that was established at the same time that the first situationist team constituted its basis (which is a basis that was as much born in practical action as in theoretical research). This is a condition sine qua non.

Without any discussion, the following people must be rejected and not associated with:

a) all those excluded from the SI -- and particularly the Nashists, including their collaborators, who haven't been in the SI;

b) the surviving Lettrists;

c) the collaborators with the French journal Arguments, of which we have "made an example." This boycott includes only the French collaborators with this journal. We have nothing against the foreigners whose texts have been translated by this journal (for example: the Englishman George Buchanan, who appears sympathetic enough).

4. We must maintain attitides of attention and sympathy towards all the researches and experiences of the new revolutionary organizations of workers that try to sketch out the idea of the workers' council. However, these attitudes of interest and comprehension can only go as far as a form of communal action that engages the SI. (In London, there exists a group called "Solidarity for Workers' Power," composed of several shop stewards and intellectuals who are trying to re-launch a radical workers' movement and who are well placed in the anti-nuclear struggle. It is necessary to avoid all infiltration on their part, without being disinterested in their preoccupations; an attitude of haughty rupture would throw us back into the camp of "specialized artists," and such an appearance weakens us in the eyes of our enemies -- who will never disarm themselves in any way.)


(Published in Guy Debord, Correspondance, Volume 2, 1960-1964. Translated from the French by NOT BORED! May 2005.)

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