By order of the

New York Psychogeographical Association:

All private automobiles are banned from Manhattan. The only automobiles allowed to operate during the day are taxi cabs, buses, and emergency vehicles such as fire trucks. Commercial trucks and tourist buses are allowed on the streets between 2 and 6 a.m. only.

All mass transportation systems (buses, subways and commuter rails) are modernized and expanded.

Bicycle lanes are created on every city street; more and more people use bicycles, skate boards and roller skates to get around.

Pedestrian zones are created through-out the city. In Greenwich Village, no cars (except for emergency vehicles) are allowed in the areas east of the West Side Highway, west of Avenue of the Americas, north of Houston Street, and south of 14th Street. In downtown Manhattan, all cars except emergency vehicles are banned from the areas south of the Brooklyn Bridge and west of Broadway.

There is an indefinite ban on the construction of new buildings. All "construction" projects become the renovation of already existing buildings.

The following will be eliminated and cleared out, with their sites allowed to grow wild: public and private parks, monuments, churches, cemeteries and parking lots.

Any building deemed to be really fucking ugly by majority vote of the people living in Manhattan will be demolished. Depending on the will of the people, the building will either be left in ruins or cleared out, with its site allowed to grow wild.

Any street or avenue that is currently referred to by number (i.e., Eighth Avenue or 14th Street) is to be given a proper name. These names will of course reflect the streets' ambiance or mood, and thus may change over the course of time.

Marijuana and hashish are de-criminalized, and can be purchased and smoked within any number of "coffee houses."

Museums are abolished, their buildings put to other purposes, and their masterpieces are distributed among the city's coffee houses and bars.

All other "crackpot" notions will be entertained.

22 November 1997



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