God's Eyes Here on Earth

Note: this play, which was written July 2000 by Art Toad, is designed to be performed in front of surveillance cameras used to monitor church property. If need be, this play can be performed as pantomime, without the use of any printed boards. Simply pray to the surveillance camera.

Someone holds up a board that says, Why are there surveillance cameras at the church? and shows a church surrounded by surveillance cameras.

This same person holds up another board. It says, Doesn't God see everything? and shows two large eyes.

Another board is held up. It says, Daddy says the cameras are God's eyes and shows a parent kneeling next to a child and pointing something out to him or her.

Another board is held up. It says, Now I pray to the cameras and shows two hands united in prayer.

One more board is held up. It says, I want God to see me and shows a stick figure with the word "ME" next to it.

Note: at this point, the play can either end or continue in the following fashion: the board-holder and, if there are any, other actors take turns making gestures commonly associated with prayer or worship in front of the surveillance cameras: i.e., crossing themselves, etc.

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