Surveillance Camera Outdoor Walking Tours

You've seen the maps: now see the cameras themselves!

Information presented for educational purposes only.

Not intended for use in the commission of any crime or act of war.

(Above: camera on the Nigerian Embassy in NYC, but pointing at an apartment building across the street.)

NEXT TOUR: the Lower East Side, Manhattan, NYC.

Mtg. place: Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space, 155 Avenue C, Manhattan.

2:30 pm, Saturday, 11 July 2015. $5 per person. Rain or shine.

Topics covered: aerospace surveillance (helicopters, spy planes, spy satellites); cameras at ground level (hard-wired, wireless, stationary, pan/zoom/tilt); and cellphones (automated real-time tracking, identity theft/protection, and the militarization of civilian law enforcement).

Skills taught: how to spot and map the locations of publicly installed surveillance cameras.

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