january 2010

Activist groups:

Aktuelle-kamera (Germany)
Anti-Camera (Greece)
Bug Brother (France)
CCTV Berlin (Germany)
Chaos Circuit Television Cologne (Germany)
Constant VZM (Brussels, Belgium)
Crime Thinc (USA)
Cures Not Wars (NYC, USA)
Der Grosse Bruder (Germany)
Eye Distribution (Germany)
Fundacion Rodriguez en Videoscopia (Spain)
Gruppo Diffuso (Germany)
Kameras Weg (Germany)
Kameres (Athens, Greece)
Infoladen Leipzig (Germany)
Institute for Applied Autonomy (USA)
Leipziger Kamera (Germany)
No CCTV on Cowley Road (England)
Orwell Today
Nie Mehr Alleine (Austria)
Non a Big Brother (France)
NYC Surveillance Camera Project (USA)
Quintessenze (Austria)
Recontrol (Germany)
Souriez, Vous Etes Filmes (France)
System-77 Civil Counter-Renconnaissance (Austria)

Advocacy groups:

American Civil Liberties Union (USA)
Center For Constitutional Rights (USA)
Center For Democracy and Technology (Washington, DC)
Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering (USA)
Electronic Frontier Foundation (San Francisco, USA)
Liberty (UK)
New York Civil Liberties Union (USA)
None of Your Biz (USA)
Nova Scotia, Town of Antigonish (Canada)
Privacy International (UK)
Privacy Journal (USA)
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (San Diego, USA)
Spot the Camera (Amsterdam, Holland)
Statewatch (London, England)
UK CCTV Surveillance Regulation Campaign (England)
Urban Eye Research Project (Germany)

Artists against public video surveillance:

CCTV Competition (Mark Thomas Project, England)
Denis Beaubois (Australia)
Geir Gjerde (Germany)
Red Squad (1971 film USA)
Unreality TV (England)
Very Closed Circuit Television (Finland)


Beyond Surveillance
Enjoy Surveillance
Evil Empire: Outpost 90
Public Surveillance


Alberta, Canada
British Columbia, Canada
Legal opinions: Justice La Forest; and George Radwanski

Denmark laws


Speed cameras in the UK
Speed cameras in the UK

Face recognition software:

Philip Agre Argues Against It
American Civil Liberties Union
Americal Civil Liberties Union: Update concerning Tampa Bay, Florida
British use
Department of Defense evaluation
Electronic Privacy Information Center (Washington, DC)
Los Angeles 1997 (Viisage press release)
Mediaeater overview
Viisage (Massachusetts, USA)
Visionics (New Jersey, USA)

Guidelines for use of video surveillance:

Alberta, Canada
British Columbia, Canada
Washington DC

Links to other links:

English listing
French listing
German (Swiss) listing
German and English listing
Panopticon , etc.
Permanent Gecontroleerde Zones (Dutch multi-lingual)
Public security
Spanish listing
Surveillance & Cryptography

Maps of camera locations:

Athens, Greece
Amsterdam, Holland
Brussels, Belgium
New York City, USA
SOS Camera Watch Project
University of Plymouth, England
Zurich, Switzerland


A Tack in the Shoe: Neutralizing and Resisting the New Surveillance (Gary Marx)
Camera Zapping: Using Lasers to Temporarily Neutralize Camera Sensors (Mark Naimark)

News sources:

Camera destruction
Privacy Watch: Public Surveillance
Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

Norway laws

Publications/Investigative Journalists:

Covert Action Quarterly
Duncan Campell
Guardian Unlimited
Privacy Digest: News
Surveillance & Society

Red-Light/Traffic/Transportation webcams:

Caltrans (California)
Georgia, USA
Kansas City, USA
Maryland, USA
New York City, USA
Photo Exortion
Red-Light Enforcement in California
Tuscaloosa, AL, USA

United Kingdom --

Data Protection Commission
European Convention on Human Rights

United States laws --

Communications Surveillance
Continuous Video Surveillance
Electronic Surveillance
Hidden Microphones
Public Telephones
Silent Video Surveillance

United States military --

Internment/Resettlement Operations
Joint Total Asset Visibility (military RFID tracking)
Militarization of Civilian Life
Operation Garden Plot

Videographers and photographers:

Alan Lodge (UK)
Observing Surveillance (Washington, DC)
Undercurrents (UK)
Video Activist Network (San Francisco, USA)
Whispered Media (San Francisco, USA)

Webcams in public places

Berkeley, CA
Cincinnati, OH
City Watcher
Fifth Avenue, NYC
Halifax, Canada
London, England
Maricopa County Jail, Arizona (Village Voice article)
Milano, Italy
Tempe, Arizona
Times Square, NYC
University of Minnesota
Worldwide search

Workplace surveillance --

Australia< /A>
New South Wales

Contact the New York Surveillance Camera Players

By e-mail SCP-New York

By snail mail: SCP c/o NOT BORED! POB 1115, Stuyvesant Station, New York City 10009-9998