Guy Bodson


To the Situationist International 15 June 1966: the first five issues of your journal
From Guy Debord, 4 July 1966: Le Monde Libertaire
To Guy Debord, no date: the articles about the SI that I've written
To Guy Debord, no date: on the CNT and POUM
From Guy Debord, 2 December 1966: on the CNT and POUM
From Charles-August Bontemps, 5 December 1966: your paper on situationism
To Charles-August Bontemps, no date: your letter to me
From Guy Debord, 11 December 1966: your article on the SI, anarchism
To Guy Debord, no date: my article on the SI
From Charles-August Bontemps, January 1967: "Open letter to Guy Antoine on Situationism"

Texts in translation

What is 'situationism'? Le Monde Libertaire #127, December 1966
Open letter, or 'Situationism' and the Situation of the A.F. unpublished, no date (January 1967?)

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