Asger Jorn

"The greatest painter of the 1950s"

-- T.J. Clark, 1999


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Plate 1953
Milk Plate 1953



Self-portrait 1933
Ukoko 1938
Titania 1940-1941
The Blue Picture 1942
Midsummer Eve's Jest 1944
Red Vision 1944
Untitled 1946
Queen of the Night 1946
Saxnas 1946
Untitled 1947
The Tunesian 1948
I rise, we rise, we dream 1948 (with Christian Dotremont)
Title unknown 1948-1951
Title unknown 1948-1951
Title unknown 1948-1951
Modification: COBRA 1949 (with Constant, Appel, Corneille, and Nyholm, based on Richard Mortensen)
COBRA Modification 1949 (with Constant, Appel, and Corneille, based on Richard Mortensen)
There are more things on the earth of a picture then in the heaven of aesthetic theory 1949 (with Dotremont)
The Raft of the Medusa 1950
The Moon and the Black Head 1950
The Moon and the Animals 1950
The Right of the Eagles 1951
In the Fangs of the Birds 1951
On the Silent Myth 1952
The Wheel of Life 1952-3
Untitled 1954
My castle in Spain 1954
Albisola 1955
Melmoth 1955
Four untitled modifications with Daniel Spoerri and Enrico Baj (1955-1957?): 1, 2, 3, and 4
Composition 1956
Untitled 1956-57
Le Soldat et son passe 1957
Fin de Copenhagen 1957 (with Guy Debord)
Fin de Copenhagen 1957 (with Guy Debord)
Fin de Copenhagen 1957 (with Guy Debord)
Collective Operation 1957, with Guiseppe Pinot-Gallizio and Constant Nieuwenhuis
Child's Play 1957-58
Wallflower 1958
Book cover for edition of Pladoyer fur die Form, 1958
The Disquieting Duck defiguration, 1959
Troll defiguration, 1959
Paris by night defiguration, 1959
Temptation 1960
Mater Profana defiguration, 1960
Top of the world or Gay Day defiguration, 1960
Gaston Bachelard 1960
The only possession 1960
To Become, That is the Question. To Have Been, That is the Answer 1960
The Barbar and the Berber 1960-62
Grin 1961
Choux defiguration, 1962
Souriez Rue Froide defiguration 1962
The Fisherman defiguration, 1962
The Avant Garde Doesn't Give Up defiguration, 1962
Big Fuck to the Cardinal of America defiguration, 1962
Gluck 1962
Rabbit defiguration, 1962
Smile on the cold street defiguration, 1962
La Dolce Vita II defiguration, 1962
The Black Smile 1962
Inseparable 1963
The Bridge 1963-1970
At the Bottom 1964
Happy Hour 1965
In the beginning was the image 1965
People are talking too much 1968
Work in Cuba 1968
Vizio geologico 1969
Alla ricerca di un buon tiranno 1969
Pourvoyeuse 1969 (Courtesy Nicolai Frahm Collection, Copenhagen / London)
Quand la Lumiete se fait 1969 (Courtesy Nicolai Frahm Collection, Copenhagen / London)
L'irrationel Incline 1970 (Courtesy Nicolai Frahm Collection, Copenhagen / London)
L'amere sans amertune 1970 (Courtesy Nicolai Frahm Collection, Copenhagen / London)
Blue Shadow 1970-1971 (Courtesy Nicolai Frahm Collection, Copenhagen / London)
Campo violenza 1970-1972
Ojets blikstille 1971
Untitled 1971 (Courtesy Nicolai Frahm Collection, Copenhagen / London)
Capelli Verdi 1972
Dedans le miroir 1972
Evidence suprenante 1972
Phornix Park (date unknown)


Photograph, Albisola, 1954, with daughter Bodil and playing mandolin
On the right at Alba, Italy, 1956
Holding poster for the First World-wide Conference of Free Artists, September 1956
Standing, second from the left, at the Institute for Contemporary Art London 1960
On the right at the Munich Conference of the SI 1960
On the left, playing guitar with Guiseppe Pinot-Gallizio at the Munich Conference of the SI 1960
Munich Conference of the SI, 1960
Paris, 1961 with Guy Debord and Michele Bernstein
Smoking a pipe 1972


Date and title unknown
Figura 1972
Figura 1972

Tapestry (with Pierre Wemaere)

The Bird in the Forest 1947
The Long Voyage 1960

Texts in translation

Architecture for life, Asger Jorn, Potlatch #15, 22 December 1954

"Opening Speech of the First World Congress of Free Artists 1956.

On the current value of the functionalist idea 1956.

The Situationists and Automation Internationale Situationniste #1, 1957; trans. by a.h.s boy.

Notes on the Formation of the Imaginist Bauhaus, 1957.

Subject of discussion in "Our Means and Our Perspectives" Internationale Situationniste #2, December 1958.

Peinture Detournee, exhibit catalogue, Galerie Rive Gauche, May 1959; translated as Detourned Painting by Thomas Y. Levin, On the passage of a few people through a brief moment in time: The Situationist International 1957-1972, Boston: MIT Press and the ICA Boston, 1989, pp. 140-142.

Hands off Alexander Trocchi! written with Guy Debord and Jacqueline de Jong, 7 October 1960

The End of the Economy and the Realization of Art, Internationale Situationniste, No.4, June 1960.

Pataphysics - A Religion In The Making, Internationale Situationniste, No. 6, August 1961.

Guy Debord and the Problem of the Accursed, in Contre le cinema, 1964.

Technical Notes (on Guy Debord's first three films), in Contre le Cinema, 1964.

Art and Orders, Situationist Times, number 5, 1964.

Mind and Sense, Situationist Times, number 5, 1964.

Subject of discussion in T.J. Clark's Farewell to an Idea (Yale University Press, 1999).

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