Michèle Bernstein

(Born in Paris, 1932.)

Other Photographs

In Paris, 1961 (with Guy Debord and Asger Jorn)
Antwerp, November 1962.

Texts in translation

Derive by the mile Potlatch #9-11, 17-31 August 1954
The general line Potlatch #14, 30 November 1954 (co-authored with M. Dahou, Vera, and Gil J Wolman)
Square des Missions Etrangeres Potlatch #16, 26 January 1955
Lettrist contribution Potlatch #23, 13 October 1955 (co-authored with Gil J Wolman and Guy Debord)
No Useless Indulgences Internationale Situationniste #1 June 1958
In praise of Pinot-Gallizio 1958
The Long Voyage 1960
Sunset Boulevard 1962
About the Situationist International Shortened English version 1964
Note on the Situationist International Full original version 1964
A note on Henri Lefebvre and Denise Cheype 2014
Hot Water on All Floors (marking the 50th anniversary of May 1968) 2018

Review of her books

At Dawn: the Novels of Michele Bernstein

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