Gil J Wolman


L'ecris propre (1955).


L'Anticoncept (1951).


In 1952. Second from right at Alba, Italy, 1956.


Provisional Freedom, by Gil J Wolman, Internationale lettriste #2, February 1953

Kicked out, Potlatch #2, 29 June 1954

Response to the question: "Does thought enlighten both us and our actions with the same indifference as the sun, or what is our hope, and what is its value? published in La Carte d'apres nature, June 1954, special issue edited by Rene Magritte

The general line Potlatch #14, 30 November 1954 [co-authored with Michele Bernstein, Vera, and M. Dahou]

Why Lettrism? Potlatch #22, 9 September 1955 [co-authored with Guy Debord]

Lettrist contribution Potlatch #23, 13 October 1955 [co-authored with Guy Debord and Michele Bernstein]

Methods of Detournement Les Levres Nues #8 May 1956 [co-authored with Guy Debord; trans. Ken Knabb

Of the Anticoncept of the Anticoncept, 1994 [Editions Inconnues, Paris; trans. NOT BORED!]

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