the Spurists

the German section of the Situationist International


Group collaboration with Asger Jorn in 1960
Heimrad Prem, The Angler 1959.
Heimrad Prem, Untitled 1962.
Heimrad Prem, Sturz in den Frukling 1964.
Helmut Sturm, Untitled 1959.
Helmut Sturm, Untitled 1959.
Helmut Sturm, Martyrium 1961.
Helmut Sturm, Untitled 1961.
Lothar Fischer, Eva 1961.
Hans Peter Zimmer.


Group shot of Helmut Sturm, Hans Peter Zimmer, Lothar Fischer, and Heimrad Prem in Munich 1958.
Group shot of Uwe Lausen, Dieter Kunzelmann and Hans Peter Zimmer in 1961.


Manifesto, Gruppe Spur; November 1958.

Declaration of the German section of the SI on Madness; 7 November 1960.

The Avant-Garde is Undesirable!, the German, Scandanavian and Belgian sections of the SI; January 1961.

January Manifesto, Sturm, Prem, Fischer, Kunzelmann and Zimmer; January 1961.

The Cardinal, the Film and the Orgy, D. Kunzelmann, Spur #4, February 1961.

Tract concerning the seizure of Spur, Sturm, Fischer, Zimmer, Kunzelmann, and Prem; 9 November 1961.

On the Trial of Spur [Zum Spur Prozess] by Rodolphe Gasche, The Situationist Times #2, 1962.

Exclusion of the Spurists from the Situationist International, by Guy Debord, Attila Kotyani, Uwe Lausen and Raoul Vaneigem; February 1962; reprinted in Internationale Situationniste #8, 1963.

Objection to the exclusion of the Spurists, by Jacqueline De Jong, Jorgen Nash and Angsgar Elde; March 1962; reprinted in The Situationist Times #1, 1962.

Response to the objection to the exclusion of the Spurists, by Guy Debord, Attila Kotyani, Uwe Lausen and Raoul Vaneigem; March 1962; reprinted in Situationistisk Revolution #1, 1962.

Discontent in Civilization: concerning the conviction of the situationist Uwe Lausen, by Guy Debord and Raoul Vaneigem; 16 July 1962; reprinted in The Situationistisk Revolution #1 October 1962.

Letters from Guy Debord:

To Heimrad Prem, 26 July 1960: exclusion of Guiseppe Pinot Gallizio
To Hans-Peter Zimmer and the Spur Group, 8 August 1960: Spur #1, Erwin Eisch
To Hans-Peter Zimmer, 29 October 1960: Hands Off Alexander Trocchi!
To Hans-Peter Zimmer, 26 March 1961: Otto Van de Loo
To the Spur group, 29 March 1961: you must choose between Van de Loo and us
To the Spur group, 17 April 1961: the exclusion of Maurice Wyckaert
To the Spur group, 15 June 1961: the seizure of Spur #5
To the Spur group, 20 July 1961: Spur #5, the Conference of the SI at Goteberg
To the President of the Tribunal, 28 April 1962: the prosecution of the Spur group
To Rodolphe Gasche, 18 June 1962: the Spurists
To Uwe Lausen, 9 September 1962: Der Deutsche Gedanke, Nashism, Asger Jorn, Rodolphe Gasche
To Rodolphe Gasche, 22 September 1962: Kunzelmann and Zimmer, autonomous groups
To Rodolphe Gasche, 24 September 1962: Zimmer and Nashist Situationism
To Uwe Lausen, 14 November 1963: Wilhelm Reich, recent developments in the SI

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