Statement concerning 11 September 2001

Unlike other groups -- such as the Ruckus Society, the Sierra Club and others, especially in the American environmental and anti-globalization movements -- the New York SCP will not be scaling back its actions against surveillance cameras and face recognition software, its vocal opposition to the policies of George W. Bush, or its very visible public and Internet presences, in response to the "attack on America" that took place on 11 September 2001 and to the subsequent calls for unity and "war" against terrorism.

At a time like this -- when the FBI's Carnivore sniffer programs are being let loose on the Internet without probable cause or proper search warrants, when the media and the American government speak of increasing America's use of spies and global surveillance, when others are afraid to speak up against jingoism, war-mongering and racial/religious hatred -- it is encumbent upon us to remain active, even if it is inconvenient or "dangerous" to do so.

Our walking tours will go on as scheduled, as will our plans to make use of the growing international network of activists that we worked so hard to create on 7 September 2001, because what is truly "dangerous" at such a time is for freedom-loving people to back down or soften their demands upon this increasingly totalitarian society.

New York Surveillance Camera Players

13 September 2001

[This statement was followed by a longer one dated 28 September 2001. We won't be intimidated or deterred by hate mail.]

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