Italian section of the Situationist International


April 1957: the Situationist International (SI) is founded in Cosio d'Arroscia, Italy. Of the eight people present (Ralph Rumney, Guiseppe Pinot Gallizio, Piero Simondo, Elena Verrone, Michele Bernstein, Guy Debord, Asger Jorn, and Walter Olmo), four are Italian.

January 1958: Olmo, Rumney, Simondo and Verrone are excluded.

Summer 1960: the remaining Italians in the SI (Giors Melanotte, Glauco Wuerich and Pinot-Gallizio) either resign or are excluded.

Jan 1969: reconstitution of the Italian section.

July 1969: publication of 4,000 copies of Internazionale Situazionista #1.

Sept 1969: conference of the SI held in Venice, Italy. Members of the Italian section in attendance are Claudio Pavan, Eduardo Rothe, Paolo Salvadori, and Gianfranco Sanguinetti.

19 Nov 1969: publication of the tract Avviso al proletariato italiano sulle possibilita presenti della rivoluzione sociale.

19 Dec 1969: publication of the tract Is the Reichstag burning? Under suspicion of being "terrorists," the situationists flee Italy.

17-19 Jan 1970: conference of delegates a Trier Wolsfeld, East Germany, at which Pavan represents the Italian section.

14 February 1970: constitution of the tendency of 14 February 1970.

20 Feb 1970: resignation of Pavan is refused and transformed into an exclusion.

21 April 1970: Rothe is excluded.

27 July 1970: attempt to exclude Sanguinetti by Salvadori.

7 Aug 1970: demand for Salvadori's exclusion by members of the French section (Guy Debord, Rene Riesel, Christian Sebastiani and Tony Verlaan).

8 Sept 1970: Debord proposes to Sanguinetti that the phantom of the Italian section be dissolved and that Gianfranco should continue his activities in Paris, Amsterdam or New York. In the course of a month, Sanguinetti choses the French section.

18 Sept 1970: Salvadori is excluded.

Oct 1970: publication of the tract The Workers of Italy and the Revolt in Reggio Calabria, along with a reprint of Is the Reichstag burning?

8 Dec 1970: letter by Sanguinetti to make precise his accord with the declaration of the tendency constituted by Debord, Riesel and Vienet on 11 Nov 1970 against the "contemplatives" in the heart of the SI.

23 July 1971: Sanguinetti is expelled from France by decision of the Minister of the Interior and eventually returns to Italy.

Feb 1972: publication of correspondence concerning the Italian publisher Feltrinelli.

April 1972: with Debord, Sanguinetti signs "Theses on the SI and its Time," which is the SI's act of autodissolution.

In-depth profiles of select members

Guiseppe Pinot Gallizio
Piero Simondo
Eduardo Rothe
Gianfranco Sanguinetti

Texts in translation

Manifesto of Industrial Painting (August 1959; Guiseppe Pinot Gallizio)
We Only the Best Will Do (July 1969)
Touched by enemy hands, the gold of the International turns to coal (July 1969)
De Donato's Fakes (July 1969)
The customs of publishers and ours (July 1969)
The Conquest of Space in the Time of Power (September 1969; Eduardo Rothe)
Is the Reichstag Burning? (December 1969; the Italian section of the SI)
An extract from the Orientation Debate of the Ex-Situationist International (May 1970; Paolo Salvadori)
The Workers of Italy and the Revolt in Reggio Calabria (October 1970; the Italian section of the SI)
Letters concerning a translation of situationist texts (1971-1972; Guy Debord and Gianfranco Sanguinetti)
Miguel AmoroĢs: A Brief History of the Italian Section of the SI (2009)

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